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“Stay-At-Home” Cooking Vol. 2 - Summer 2020


     Summer in Louisiana means many of our favorite foods are in season for home cooking. The inshore brown shrimp season opened in May and runs through mid-summer, followed by white shrimp season in August. In this book, you’ll find recipes for Brigtsen’s BBQ Shrimp, two kinds of shrimp bisque, and our unique and appetizing Remoulade Sauce. 

     Creole tomato season is one of the most anticipated times of the year. Seasonal foods are all the better because of that anticipation and the fact that some, like Creole tomatoes, are only available for a few short weeks. And then there’s The Debate: What is a “Creole” tomato? To me, it’s grown in the rich, alluvial soil alongside the Mississippi River and I vastly prefer the Celebrity variety of tomato. When you see the deep red color and thin skin of a Celebrity, you’ll know you’ve found a “true” Creole. I’ve included the very popular Creole Tomato Salad with Pesto Balsamic Vinaigrette from our restaurant. 

     I hope these recipes bring joy to your homes and lift your spirits. This project has been a Godsend for us, a lifeline as we navigate months of restaurant closure. Marna and I are deeply grateful for your friendship and support.

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